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An oil service useful for your fleet: our Lubconsult recommendation tool

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Our Lubconsult recommendation tool is a secure-access site developed from powerful databases which allows you to:

  • Benefit from the broadest worldwide lubricants’ recommendation database for all automotive market segments(passenger cars, agriculture and public works equipment, trucks and buses, motorcycles).

Our data are updated 4 times a year by a database supplier.

  • Get customized data:
    1/ Our recommendation complies with local constraints: for example, grade and viscosity are adapted to local characteristics (temperatures, severe operational use…).
    2/ Specific expertise for Heavy Duty and Agricultural recommendations.
  • Save time:
    With Lubconsult, within a few seconds you get a recommended lubricants’ sheet for a given model of vehicle.
  • Make savings:
    Based on the specific features of your activity, the regularly updated powerful database helps you rationalize by recommending you a minimum number of products (since some references can cover several requirements).
  • Simplify your management of lubricants:
    Our recommendations are designed for specific vehicles and customized for your needs (operating conditions, fuel savings, reduction in pollutant emissions…).


1/ The broadest worldwide lubricants’ recommendation database in the market.
2/ Specific expertise for Heavy Duty and Agriculture applications.
3/ “All in 1”:

  •  Product rationalization
  • Account gathering all related customers’ vehicles applications

4/ Online access with private login and password

You’ll have a secure access by personal user ID and password,The information is available in 8 languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Danish and Portuguese.

Ask our local office for a demonstration of Lubconsult.