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The road is endless.

For those who are on the road, ELF PERFORMANCE heavy duty engine oils are specially designed to protect your engine and to reduce your maintenance costs. Our diesel engine oils have been conceived for trucks but also for buses and waste collecting vehicles.

All our diesel engine oils are approved by OEMs:

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Fuel Economy Oils

5W30 oil

Performance Experty FE 5W30






10W30 oil

Performance Experty LSX FE 10W30

Performance Galaxy FE 10W30

Performance Harmony FE 10W30

Performance Victory FE 10W30

Performance Discovery FE 15W30

Perfo DH-2 FE 10W30

Standard Oils

10W40 oil

Performance Experty LSX 10W40

Performance Experty HDX 10W40

Performance Experty 10W40

Performance Polytraffic 10W40



15W40 oil

Performance Harmony 15W40

Performance Victory 15W40

Performance Victory SC 15W40

Performance Trophy DX 15W40

Performance Super D 15W40

Perfo Gas LA 15W40

10W, 20W20, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 oils

Performance Super D

Short Profile Standard Oils

15W40 oil

Perfo HDX 700 15W40

Perfo HDX 500 15W40

Perfo HDX 400 15W40

Perfo HDX 300 15W40

Perfo HDX 200 15W40

Perfo DH-2

20W40 oil

Perfo HDX 200






20W50 oil

Perfo HDX 700 20W50

Perfo HDX 500 20W50

Perfo HDX 400 20W50

Perfo HDX 300 20W50

Perfo HDX 200 20W50

SAE 10, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 oils

Perfo HDX 200